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Politics 1

Politics A Level gives students the chance to learn about the institutions, actors and processes that shape politics in both the UK and USA. It also introduces them to some of the main ideological traditions in western political thought and a range of key thinkers, including Locke, Burke, Marx, and Freidan.

Lessons routinely link to issues and developments in the news, such as the latest election results and the current performance of leading politicians and their parties, so students are encouraged to become keen observers of the political scene. We follow the Edexcel syllabus and students sit three exam papers at the end of Year 13, made up of essays and source response questions. We take students on a visit to parliament and attend other study days when possible, including the Congress to Campus event at Oxford University.




  • UK Politics (Paper 1)
  • UK Government (Paper 2)

YEAR 13  

  • Comparative Politics – Government and Politics of the USA (Paper 3)
  • Political ideas: Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism (Paper 1) and Feminism (Paper 2)
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