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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The aim of CEIAG is to help students to know themselves, to develop a critical approach to information about jobs and educational opportunities, and to give them the skills to make good decisions about their future. 

The Careers Programme is delivered throughout Years 7 to 13.  In Years 7 and 8, students look at their achievements, skills and qualities and investigate the value of work in society.  They also consider ways in which the world of work is changing and the skills that will be needed in the future. 

In Year 9, students look at decision-making as a preparation for making informed choices about their Key Stage 4 options, together with sessions on equal opportunities, transition skills and CV writing. They have lessons in ICT network rooms on how to do effective job searches, and are introduced to software programmes to help develop their understanding of Career Guidance and Information. Students research jobs and courses that interest them and find out about the entry requirements to help them to decide on their Key Stage 4 choices.

In Year 10, Careers Education takes place during L4L lessons and morning registrations, leading up to the one-week Work Experience placement in the summer term that is the focus for the year. Form Tutors undertake most of the delivery with input from the Careers & Work Experience Administrator.  Students spend time preparing for Work Experience by writing letters of application and arranging interviews with employers, as well as learning about health and safety in the workplace. Students also start to explore their Post 16 options and learn about applying for jobs and interview skills; local labour market information; and a module on the introduction of apprenticeships. This gives students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of how apprenticeships work and how they can choose this particular pathway to their respective future education and careers.

In Year 11, the emphasis is on planning for the future. Students look at all the options open to them: Sixth Form, college, employment with training and apprenticeships. Local further education colleges, training provider groups and local employers attend the school’s Alternative Routes Evening to demonstrate the opportunities available. Students will have the opportunity of an individual guidance interview, with an independent careers advisor from the Adviza careers service, to discuss their ideas and to draw up an action plan. All students will have a meeting with a member of the Senior Team to discuss their plans; this may be followed up with a further meeting with Adviza if required.  

In the Sixth Form, all students, whether they are considering higher education, employment or a gap year, are offered information on options through their Form Tutors, the Director of Sixth Form and the Adviza Careers Service. The Learning for Life programme also gives the opportunity for representatives from Higher Education, employment and organisations such as Inspiring Futures, to talk to students about the options available to them and to support their university or employment applications. In Year 12, students are encouraged to organise a period of work experience.

The school’s Upper Library has a Careers section containing a wide selection of reference books, magazines, and other literature giving access to information about different jobs and different ways of training and continuing education. The library also contains university prospectuses and details of college courses available locally. A smaller selection of careers literature is available in the lower library for easier access for younger students. Careers software is available on the school network for individuals to research job ideas and higher education courses.

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