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Reporting to Parents

We see a successful education as a partnership between parents, carers, students and school and value all contact with you. As well as the ongoing pastoral support your child will receive at Bartholomew School, we will communicate with you more formally at several stages during the year. 

Snapshot Reports

Formal reports are sent home three times a year, for all year groups.  They include: information on students’ target levels or grades, current levels or grades, whether they are on course to meet their targets, and advice to help them reach their targets.  They also include an indication of students’ attitude to learning, broken down into: behaviour for learning, quality of work and independent learning.  The final report of the year also includes a summary comment by the student’s form tutor, which focuses on progress and personal development.

Parent Consultation Evening (PCE)

In addition to snapshot reports, parents and carers are also invited to a Parent Consultation Evening once a year, giving the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with subject teachers.

These meetings take place via our virtual platform, SchoolCloud. You will find the dates for these on our calendar and we will confirm the arrangements at least one week in advance.

A Parents/Carers Guide to SchoolCloud

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