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Megan murdochHello!  My name is Megan Murdoch and I am employed by Oxford Health NHS Trust.  

All secondary schools within Oxfordshire now have a named NHS School Health Nurse. The aim of the School Nurse is to offer evidence based, accessible, preventative health care for children and young people.

I work closely with young people, their families, school staff and other professionals to support and improve student’s physical and emotional health in order to reach their full potential, leading and delivering on the Healthy Child Program for 5-19 year olds. 

What does this mean?

  • Someone for young people to talk to confidentially about their health, including their physical health, emotional health, sexual health and general wellbeing or any other health related topics they might like advice, information or support 
  • Advice and support about making healthy choices around topics such as keeping safe, drugs, alcohol, quitting smoking, exercise, maintain healthy weight, dental health
  • Sexual health and contraception advice and signposting to appropriate agencies
  • Supporting teachers with Learning for Life programme
  • Refer and signpost to specialist services
  • Training to school staff to support young people with health needs such as severe allergies, epilepsy and asthma

How can I be accessed?

  • Young people can come to the School Nurse office for drop-ins at breaktimes and lunchtimes 
  • Parents/carers can contact me either directly or through the School pastoral team
  • School staff can refer through the Pastoral Hub
  • I can be contacted either by text, phone or email
  • Use ChatHealth, the new messaging service for 11-19 year old students attending school in Oxfordshire; please see the poster below for full details:

Chathealth 11 19 teen poster


The School Nursing service is confidential. This means that we can discuss personal information with young people in confidence and will not discuss with anyone else without their permission. However, we would pass on any information that we feel is needed to protect a young person or someone else from serious harm. Whenever possible this would be discussed with the young person first.

My contact details

Bartholomew School Health Nurse Megan Murdoch
Hours Monday - Friday 9.15am-2.45pm                           
Mobile 07775112101
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Updated  08.03.2024

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