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House System

Bartholomew School is divided vertically across the Year Groups into Houses, named after the local figures Churchill, Harcourt, Mason and Morris, for a variety of purposes from sporting to academic competitions.  This system helps encourage cooperation between students of different ages and a sense of tradition, particularly in families. 

When students join Bartholomew they are put into the same House as any parent or sibling who has previously attended Bartholomew, or otherwise are allocated randomly to a House.  Staff and governors also belong to a House.

Each House is led by a staff House Coordinator, Sixth Form House Captains and House Representatives in Years 7-11.

The aim at the end of each academic year is to win the House cup by being the House with most House points.  House points are awarded in a number of ways, including:

  • attendance: percentage attendance is calculate for each student at the end of each half term and House points awarded to those with attendance of 96% or above
  • inter-House competitions: these happen regularly across all areas of school life.  As well as significant numbers of House points for the winning House(s), everybody who participates earns a point for their House

The key is that EVERY member of the school community can contribute to the success of their House.

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