House System

Our house system helps build a strong school community, encouraging competition, cooperation and a sense of fun, supporting the wellbeing of students and rewarding positive behaviour across all year groups. The key message is that every student can contribute to the success of their house as every house point counts.

At the end of the school year, in our final assembly, there is great excitement when the House Cup is awarded to the house with the highest number of points.

When a new student, member of staff or governor joins Bartholomew School they are assigned a house. They may choose to join the same house as other members of their family, past and present, if applicable, or will otherwise be assigned randomly.

The four houses are: Churchill, Harcourt, Mason and Morris, named after historic local figures.

Churchill Harcourt Mason Morris


Each house is led by a staff House Coordinator, Sixth Form House Captains and House Representatives in Years 7-11.

House points are awarded in a number of ways, including:

Bartholomew house points

Attendance: this is calculated for each student at the end of each half term and house points are awarded to those with attendance of 96% or above.

Inter-house competitions: these happen regularly across all areas of school life.  As well as a significant number of house points being awarded to the winning participants, everyone who participates earns a point for their house.

Year 7 Merits: for students in their first year at Bartholomew School our merits system rewards positive behaviours, achievements and students who are 'Ready, Respectful, Safe'. 

'Thumbs up' cards: students who demonstrate consistent, good work or attitude are awarded these. There are ten different designs to collect for which house points can be earned. 

For updates on house activities, current totals and upcoming events throughout the year, please go to our Newsletters page or refer to Student News on your child's Google Classroom.

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