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Public exams can be a stressful time for students and parents/carers and it is important that all those involved are as well informed as possible. The School will make every effort to ensure that our students receive the best possible preparation for their exams, that the administrative arrangements run smoothly, and that exams are conducted in a way that will cause as little stress as possible and help our students achieve their best.

We have included some useful information here together with the official Exam Board notices. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email:


Forthcoming Mock Examinations

Year 11 - 5th to 16th December 2022

Year 13 - 5th to 13th January 2023


Post Results Services Summer 2022

Post Results Services Summer 2022


Collection of 2021 and Historical Exam Certificates

The Summer 2021 GCSE and GCE Certificates are ready for collection. A Level and GCSE leavers can collect their certificates from reception during school hours. Year 12 students are able to collect their GCSE certificates from the Sixth Form office. If your certificates are older please contact the exams office.

Third Party Permission Slip

If you are unable to collect your exam certificates in person, you can give your permission to someone else to do this on your behalf. Please therefore complete, print and sign the below Exam Certificates Third Party Permission Slip and ask your nominated person to present it to a member of staff in reception when they arrive, ensuring that they have brought along an official form of identification, such as a driver's licence.

Exam Certificates Third Party Permission Slip


Exam Specifications for Certification 2022

Exam Specifications for Certification 2022


2022-2023 JCQ Notices

Please click the links below to view or download notices.

2022-2023 Information for Candidates Written Examinations2022-2023 Information for Candidates Using Social Media2022-2023 Information for Candidates Privacy Notice2022-2023 Information for Candidates On Screen Tests2022-2023 Information for Candidates Non Examination Assessments2022-2023 Information for Candidates Coursework Assessments

2022-2023 On Your Exam Day Checklist2022-2023 Information for Candidates Unauthorised Items Poster2022-2023 Warning to Candidates Notice



The school has a number of examination policies which are available upon request.

Page last updated 16th September 2022


A Level Examination Results Summer 2022 Press Release
Posted on: 18/08/2022

A Level Examination Results Summer 2022 Press Release

Students produce excellent A Level and Level 3 BTEC results

This year’s cohort of students have successfully overcome the disruption and resulting challenges of the pandemic years to achieve unprecedented results in their exams.

Headteacher, Craig Thomas said:

“We are delighted with the excellent A Level and BTEC examination results that Bartholomew students have achieved. These are a reflection of their fantastic commitment and the high-quality teaching they have received.  All our students should be justifiably proud of their efforts through the most challenging of times. I am extremely proud of the staff and students at Bartholomew School. It is wonderful that their hard work and commitment has been rewarded in this way.”

119 students made a total of 348 A Level entries, with the following headline figures:

  • 42.2% of grades at A*- A
  • 72.4% of grades at A*- B
  • 92.8% of grades at A*- C
  • 100%  of grades at A*- E  

8 students made a total of 12 Level 3 BTEC entries, with the following headline figures:

  • 66.6% of grades at Distinction*
  • 75.0% of grades at Distinction* - Distinction
  • 100%  of grades at Distinction* - Merit

The success at Bartholomew School includes many exceptional individual performances with 26 students achieving three or more grade A*/A results at A Level and D* at BTEC.

We are delighted that our students will now be able to move on to their next stage, whether at university, apprenticeships or other pathways.

These excellent results reflect our dedication to nurture students at all levels of ability and reward them for their positive attitudes, hard work and resilience.

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