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Me and My Planet

Posted on: 05/04/2022

In their L4L lessons, Mr Le Texier’s Year 8 tutor group have been learning about climate change, biodiversity and sustainability as part of their ‘Me and My Planet’ work. Following consideration of the different aspects of climate change, sustainability and biodiversity, students used their knowledge and imagination to come up with some brilliant inventions to help the planet, a selection of which can be found below (please click on the image to enlarge it).

Machine to check the pollution level of the ocean and purify the water by Isabella R

This machine checks the pollution level of the ocean and purifies the water. It also collects plastic and puts it into a boat to go back to land for recycling or, if there is too much plastic, it turns it into water for the ocean.


Electric Litter Picker by Mollie M

Working on shifts, someone operates the machine remotely via use of a camera fitted to the machine, which enables them to scour for litter. The machine has special off-road wheels to enable it to function in all terrains, and has a solar panel as a source of energy. When a piece of rubbish is found, the operator uses a grip on an extendable arm to pick up the rubbish. The rubbish is then sorted into recyclable or non-recyclable waste.


Health Diet Tracker by Izzy M

A high-tech sticker reads the body’s levels and tells you how many vitamins and other nutrients you have in your body.  The sticker goes green when you have a good balanced diet and red when you are deficient in nutrients. It also reads your heart rate and flashes ‘well done’ when you have a good diet.


Giant Flying Solar Power Collector by Jack E

The satellite collects solar energy from the sun in space where the solar energy is very strong. Once its rechargeable batteries are full, the satellite gives the energy to a flying power collector that, in turn, gives the energy to a power station where the energy is distributed around the world.

There could be more that one satellite, power collector and power station so that the system could be more efficient. The satellites would be made from space junk that orbits the Earth, which would also help to declutter space, making it safer for spacecraft


The E-Gym by Archie B

From the maker of The Trainer Charger, the E-Gym utilises specially-designed exercise bikes to harness energy to power homes. A double win!


Ocean Plastic Removal Machine by Emily S

When the animal swims in, the machine detects whether or not there is any plastic in it. There is a magnetic pad on the side with metal tools on it so that, when an animal swims in, it flips over so it is facing the inside of the machine.  The inside surface is sticky underwater so that plastic can stick to it. This machine moves in the ocean and collects animals that have plastic inside of them and it is removed. This machine uses energy from the waves or current!  Once on land, the plastic is recycled. The machine is completely safe and lowers gently down into the ocean.


Carbon Dioxide Concentrated Plantation by Tom W

Part 1 sucks in CO2 from the city and funnels it into part 2, which is a tube that takes the CO2 to the main vehicle. Part 3 indicates the turbines that hold parts 1 and 2. Part 2/3 releases the CO2 into the plantation (part 5) where it helps accelerate the growth of the plants. Part 4 is water and part 7 is lights. These keep the crops growing in part 6: the soil. Part 8 keeps the plantation afloat and is powered by the turbines (part 11). Part 10 collects oxygen produced by the plants and transports it to parts 2 and 9, which release the oxygen back into the atmosphere. The electricity for the whole thing is generated by turbines, which input the electricity into the generator (part 13) and then part 14 distributes it around. Parts 15 and 16 are a ladder and a rope used by humans when they harvest the crops.


The Shoe by Gabe G

How many steps do you do in a day? What if every step you made created sustainable energy? With this shoe, by just walking it would create power. Every time your shoe touched the ground the impact can power a light or, if many people could do it, the world. There are over 7.5 billion people on earth today and, if each person wore a pair, they could create electricity for themselves


Eco-Houses by Holly H & Pippa S

On the inside, the walls will be covered with plants and succulents. In the walls there will be water pipes that hold recycled water, which will run to drip feeders in the plant pots.  The windows, which are see-through solar panels, produce energy from the sun for the plants to get light, and they will produce more energy that the plants take up for light.  Each window has a window box, providing nature and oxygen in a busy city where this is not otherwise common. On the roof there is a flower garden, where plants thrive with the sun and rain. All the plants will produce oxygen for the building and take up the carbon dioxide.


The Eco Band by Max C-Y

The Eco Band is a strip of recyclable plastic with a silicon-covered solar panel to power the vacuum. When out running, jogging or walking, simply strap the band around your wrist and a small, low-energy vacuum will take in CO2. This will be converted into oxygen using the microbes in a chamber on the underside of the band. Finally, another filter will emit the oxygen out of the chamber, providing clean air for you to breathe! Available in five colours: blue, red, green, purple and yellow.



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