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Computer Science

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In today’s digital world, computer science has become a key subject for youngsters to learn. To be informed and empowered citizens, students need to understand the digital world they live in. Our curriculum enables students to gain a knowledge of computing, experience and develop computational thinking, and develop programming skills from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5.


The department offers an innovative way to learn computer science, allowing students to be empowered to understand the fascinating topics covered and be prepared for their transition into education or working experience beyond secondary education.    

In Key Stage 3, students are taught concepts of computer science and explore logical thinking to formulate problems and their solutions. Students develop modular programming skills for implementing ideas that can be effectively carried out by computer devices. The curriculum enables students to explore media production and learn to develop digital media production skills.

In Key Stage 4, students follow the AQA GCSE Computer Science (8525) course. Fundamentals of Algorithms and Programming are the core areas of the specification and provide learners with the opportunity to develop their computational thinking, problem-solving skills and design of effective algorithms. Students complete a range of small-scale projects to develop and apply programming skills in various contexts. Students learn a wide range of computing concepts including: the fundamentals of data representation, computer systems, computer networks, cybersecurity, relational database and the ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society.

At Key Stage 5, students follow the AQA A Level Computer Science (7517) specification and continue to progress and advance their theoretical knowledge of computer science. They have the opportunity to learn a range of programming paradigms including modular, object-oriented and functional programming. Students use the knowledge and skills gained through the course to investigate and solve a practical problem. They develop digital systems as an effective solution using the capabilities of computer devices.




  • E-Safety
  • Python Turtle
  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • Computational Thinking
  • How Computers Work
  • Basic Concepts of Programming


  • Fundamentals of Databases
  • Python Chatbot
  • Creating Digital Graphics
  • Computational Thinking
  • Programming Concepts and Modular Programming
  • Computer Systems


  • Data Representation
  • Media Studies
  • Python Programming
  • Logic Circuit and Boolean Expressions
  • The Internet
  • Computer Networks and Data Communication


GCSE AQA Specification (8525)

Coding Option: Python


GCSE AQA Specification (8520)

Coding Option: Python


12 & 13

A Level AQA Specification (7517)


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