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In Geography the main aim is for students to develop, through the enquiry approach, a sound appreciation of their surroundings and to encourage empathy with and understanding of different communities, cultures and places.  Fieldwork is used to enhance learning within all Key Stages. 


In Key Stage 3 we investigate the world around us at a local scale, considering aspects of geography that are based in the local area and our own country.  Throughout Years 8 and 9 we become increasingly more global with our topic matter.  Several themes are strong and reoccurring such as natural hazards, economic development, physical environments and social aspects such as settlement and population geography.

At GCSE, students are encouraged to become more aware of, and to respect, the natural environment and to understand the interplay between people and their surroundings.   Throughout all sections of the course, there is an emphasis on values and attitudes, environmental issues and sustainability.  Students explore case studies in the United Kingdom (UK), higher income countries (HICs), newly emerging economies (NEEs) and lower income countries (LICs).

Students are required to conduct their own field work out side of the class room in two contrasting locations ranging from various UK coastal and river locations to exciting city experiences.

Our A Level students study six core topics taken from both physical and human geography.  All units involve consideration of people and environmental issues, supported by case study materials. The issue of sustainability is explored on a local, national and global scale. There is a residential field course, which encourages independent learning and brings geography to life. 




  • Map skills – including local fieldwork and data collection
  • Exploring extreme environments (Antarctica)
  • Global impacts of sport
  • Relocation of industry and the Kassam Stadium
  • Rivers and flooding – causes, impacts and management
  • Your world: exploring the UK


  • Exploring extreme environments (tropical rainforests)
  • Threatened world, threatened people (development) – including sponsored walk for WaterAid
  • Dangerous world (earthquakes and tsunamis)
  • My world: the geography of crime
  • Tourism in Thailand – sustainable tourism
  • Population – managing youthful and ageing populations


  • Exploring extreme environments (impossible places)
  • China – a new super power?
  • Dangerous world (volcanoes)
  • Globalisation and the geography of fashion
  • Weather and climate – and global warming
  • Glaciation – how glacial processes have shaped our landscape


  • Urban issues and challenges (including a fieldwork day in Bristol)
  • Ecosystems; tropical rainforests and hot deserts
  • Rivers and coasts (including a fieldwork day in Dorset)
  • Fieldwork write up


  • Hazards; tectonic and climatic
  • Economic world
  • Resource management; food, energy, water



  • Changing places
  • Contemporary urban environments


  • Water and carbon cycles
  • Hazards – earthquakes, volcanoes, tropical storms and wild fires



  • Global systems and governance


  • Coastal systems and landscapes

Geography fieldwork investigation

  • Individual coursework investigation including the collection of fieldwork data (1 week residential at Oxwich Bay – Gower peninsula)
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