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Socology 1

Sociology asks lots of questions about the relationships between groups of people within society and explores issues of identity, inequality and power. Have you ever wondered how we developed into the society we are today? ” How the way you see yourself determines the way people identify you? Whether men or women are more likely to commit a crime?


A Level Sociology will help you to make sense of the society we live in and understand the cultural and identity issues which affect us all. It helps you develop a multi-perspective and critical approach to understanding issues around culture, identity, religion, crime, families and social power.

You will learn how to work systematically, using your understanding of contemporary life, social theories and methods of investigation. Throughout the course you will discover how to interpret, apply, analyse and evaluate key arguments within the modules that you study on the sociology programme. The subject will also open the door to a fantastic range of interesting careers.



YEAR 12  

  • Education and methods in context: You will consider the role of education in society. For example as part of your studies you will look into gender and ethnicity differences in school achievement. You will also learn how to apply your own sociology research methods to the study of education
  • Research methods: You will learn how to conduct your own sociological research, from interviews to reviewing documents and official statistics. You will also study culture and identity

  • Family and Households: You will consider the role of the family in Contemporary Britain and answer questions such as: Has childhood improved in the past 50 years? Why is marriage in decline? Why are women having less children now than before? Is there a Dark Side to the Family?           


  1. Crime and Deviance with theory and methods: You will learn about criminal and deviant behaviour, including factors that might lead a person to follow this path in life and how the media portrays them. You will investigate topics such as State Crimes, the impact of Globalisation, the list goes on… 
  • Beliefs in Society: This area allows for a discussion around religion and its influence on society. Within this unit, you are expected to understand sociological perspectives, secularisation and the different typologies of religions
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