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Music is thriving at Bartholomew School with all students in Years 7 to 9 studying a broad musical curriculum. Music is optional at Key Stage 4 with large classes studying music GCSE in Year 10 and 11, and a thriving A Level course at Key Stage 5.



In previous years, our outstanding student ensembles have performed at: The Royal Albert Hall; The Sheldonian Theatre; Birmingham Symphony Hall; Worcester Cathedral; Keble College, Oxford and Magdalen College, Oxford. Other performances include termly concerts and collaborative events with Oxfordshire County Music Service and the Eynsham Partnership Academy (EPA) for the annual Big Sing. We regularly ensure students have the opportunity to perform more widely including the Music for Youth Prom, OCMS Buddy Ensemble, and Voice in a Million at Wembley Stadium. Our students excel in performance and composition; students enjoy working with passionate classroom and peripatetic staff and many have gone on to study music at universities such as Cambridge and Durham.

At GCSE and A Level, students follow the Eduqas exam specifications which include a balance between a range of styles of music, including jazz, musical theatre and Western Classical music. At both stages of learning, the students explore composition, performance, appraising and the history of music and at A Level they have the option to specialise in either performance or composition.




  • Singing
  • The Elements of Music
  • Keyboard and Notation Skills
  • Scales
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Programme music


  • Chords and Harmony
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Minimalism
  • Form and Structure
  • Ensemble performance


  • Dance music
  • Film music
  • Modes
  • Songwriting                                                                                               


10 & 11

 GCSE Eduqas Exam Specification 


12 & 13

A Level Eduqas Exam Specificaton

The projects are designed to allow students to gather the various skills needed to pass the assessment points throughout the year. Please see the skills progression chart to explain the expectations throughout the Key Stage.

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