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Physical Education & Sport


Physical Education & Sport is essential for the development of every child. In this technologically advanced world, we can often forget that our bodies are the most precious, advanced and amazing machines, and that without looking after them, they will not work to their best. By regularly taking part in physical activity and developing good exercising habits, we can look after ourselves not just physically, but socially and mentally too.

As well as our curriculum provision, Bartholomew prides itself on the extensive opportunities for extra-curricular sport. We have lunchtime and after-school clubs, and play a great number of fixtures against schools within our West Oxfordshire partnership and beyond.

In Key Stage 3 the PE curriculum further develops the fundamental skills that have been delivered through the primary schools. Theses fundamentals are taught in activities such as Gymnastics, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Football, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders, Basketball, Badminton and Fitness.

In Key Stage 4, the focus shifts slightly, as some students prefer a more competitive sporting environment, whereas others favour developing their own fitness without the element of competition.  We also offer a GCSE option that involves both a practical and theoretical content. The course enables students to continue the development of their physical skills, but also covers a range of theoretical study, focusing on the human body, social aspects of sport, sport psychology and technical advances in the sporting world.  We also offer a BTEC option, covering a very similar theoretical content to the GCSE, but allows the students to work towards coursework grades over the duration of the course, with just one unit of work having an external exam.

In Key Stage 5, students are able to continue with Physical Education and Sport through both the A Level and BTEC options. These courses are particularly suited to students who perform at a high level in Sports, and/or want to study a sport-science based course at university.




  • Focus on fundamentals and multi-skills in Invasion
  • Gymnastic
  • Fitness
  • Striking & Fielding and Athletic activities


  • Developing skills in Invasion
  • Gymnastic
  • Fitness Striking & Fielding and Athletic activities and developing leadership skills


  • Embedding skills in Invasion
  • Gymnastic
  • Fitness
  • Striking & Fielding and Athletic activities and progressing the role of the leader


  • Focus on either competitive or recreational activities in Invasion
  • Fitness Striking & Fielding activities


  • Focus on exercise and fitness as a life-long activities and adopting a healthy active lifestyle through competitive and recreational activities.
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