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School Aims

Our basic aim is that all who come to Bartholomew School will find it a challenging, stimulating, caring and happy place to be and will enjoy making the most of their time here.

The specific aims of the school are centred on the generic areas identified by the wider Eynsham Partnership Academy as the educational aims shared across all seven schools in the partnership:

  1. Promoting thinking
  2. Raising aspirations
  3. Developing leaders
  4. Building community
  5. Ensuring wellbeing
  6. Celebrating diversity
  7. Embracing the future


Aims in Practice

To develop the intellectual potential of each child to the full, valuing all our students equally, we will:

  • maintain strong links with our partner primary schools and operate a successful system of pastoral care
  • create an atmosphere which is purposeful, disciplined and constructive and in which students and staff gain satisfaction and success from their work
  • through regular assessment, have a clear picture of the potential and progress of every student
  • ensure that our educational provision does not discriminate between students on grounds of race, religion, gender or social background
  • provide support and extension work for those students who need it
  • help all students to achieve the public examination results or levels of attainment of which they are capable and help all to maintain and develop a personal profile of their achievement and progress

To provide a range of opportunities for the wider development of skills and talents, we will:

  • foster and develop the following skills in our students:
  • communication: the skills of literacy, numeracy and oracy
  • thinking: the skills of problem solving
  • physical: the skills of manipulation, cooperation and creativity
  • social: the skills of interaction and relationships
  • offer opportunities in community service, work experience and residential experience
  • provide activities outside the normal curriculum
  • maintain and utilise links with other agencies such as the County Music Service and outdoor pursuits centres

To contribute to the growth of each student in terms of physical health, personal and emotional maturity and moral and spiritual development, we will:

  • emphasise the importance of developing attitudes of cooperation, a sense of morality and ethics, self-confidence and determination
  • organise a programme of study which will guide students towards an appreciation and enjoyment of physical health
  • encourage the development of a code of conduct which respects the law
  • promote the understanding of spiritual values and the practice of religion in society

To give our students a sense of responsibility to the community and to society as a whole, in order to heal rather than increase divisions in our society, we will:

  • encourage our students to develop an awareness of the aesthetic, cultural, spiritual, economic and political heritage of the world they inhabit and the wonders and beauties of that same world
  • develop a commitment to group, year and school by sharing in positive tasks and recognising the needs of individuals within the group
  • involve our students in the activities of our communities through voluntary help and work experience and involve others in the life of our school
  • create opportunities for our students to take responsibility for their own welfare and the welfare of others, developing qualities of leadership
  • emphasise the need for a sense of mutual care and understanding
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