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Tutors and Heads of Year


Year 7

Head of Year

Mrs N Bexon


Assistant Head of Year

Mrs K Wilson


7B Tutor

Miss L Hill


7A Tutor

Mr N Suckling


7R Tutor

Mr H Copson


7T Tutor

Miss R Morden


7H Tutor

Mrs K Wilson


7S Tutor

Mrs L McDowell


7W Tutor

Mr W Keeling


Year 8

Head of Year

Mrs J Baker


Assistant Head of Year

Mr M Havenhand


8B Tutor

Mrs J Hammond


8A Tutor

Miss K Rosser-Evans


8R Tutor

Miss C Band


8T Tutor

Mr L Le Texier


8H Tutor

Mr J Parsons


8S Tutor

Mr M Havenhand


8W Tutor

Miss G Reeves


Year 9

Head of Year

Mrs M Paterson


Assistant Head of Year

Mr T Dove

9B Tutor

Mrs D Tame-Hill


9A Tutor

Miss S Wooller


9R Tutor

Mr T Dove


9T Tutor

Mr R Keeping


9H Tutor

Miss E Brookbanks


9S Tutor

Mr R Shakeshaft


9W Tutor

Mrs M Clements-Foster


Year 10

Head of Year

Mr J Humm


10B Tutor

Miss S Cosier


10A Tutor

Mr J Connaughton 


10R Tutor

Mrs R Almgill 


10T Tutor

 Miss G Gray 


10H Tutor

Mrs C Lanczak-Faulds


10S Tutor

Miss R Jones


10W Tutor

Mrs F Winstone


Year 11

Head of Year

Mrs R Chester  


Assistant Head of Year

Mrs N Malik


11B Tutor

Mrs N Malik


11A Tutor

Miss J Harries


11R Tutor

Miss S Nicholson 


11T Tutor

Miss R Walton


11H Tutor

 Miss I Ebanja


11S Tutor

Mr T Watkins

  11W Tutor

Miss R Robinson


Year 12/13

Director of Sixth Form

Mr S Nicholson

  Head of Year 12

Mr W Clapton

  Head of Year 13

Mrs L Turner


12/13B Tutor 

Mr W Clapton / Mrs J McGuinness


12/13A Tutor

Mr S Paterson


12/13R Tutor 

Mrs L Turner / Mrs J McGuinness


12/13T Tutor

Mr T Nash


12/13H Tutor

Miss J Selfe


12/13W Tutor

Dr P Ingram


12/13L Tutor

Miss K Oldroyd

  12/13M Tutor

Miss C Hartley

  12/13E Tutor

Miss S Stuebing


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