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Tutors and Heads of Year

If you have a question about your child in a particular subject, please contact the relevant subject teacher in the first instance.  If they are unable to resolve your query, please contact the Head of Department for that subject.

If you have a question about your child in school that is not regarding a specific subject, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.  If your child’s tutor is unable to resolve your question, please contact the appropriate Head of Year:

Telephone:      01865 881430

Email:          (please put the member of staff’s name in the subject box)


Year 7

Head of Year

Mrs N Bexon


Assistant Head of Year

Mr M Havenhand


7B Tutor

Mrs J Hammond


7A Tutor

Miss K Evans


7R Tutor

Miss C Band


7T Tutor

Miss E Hamilton


7H Tutor

Mr J Parsons


7S Tutor

Mr M Havenhand


7W Tutor

Miss G Reeves


Year 8

Head of Year

Mrs M Paterson


Assistant Head of Year

Mr T Dove


8B Tutor

Mrs D Tame-Hill


8A Tutor

Miss S Wooller


8R Tutor

Mr T Dove


8T Tutor

Mr R Keeping


8H Tutor

Miss H Newhouse


8S Tutor

Miss J Norris


8W Tutor

Mrs M Clements-Foster


Year 9

Head of Year

Mr J Humm


9B Tutor

Miss S Cosier


9A Tutor

Mr J Connaughton


9R Tutor

Mrs R Almgill


9T Tutor

Miss G Gray


9H Tutor

Miss C Loveland


9S Tutor

Miss R Jones


9W Tutor

Mrs F Zanibellato


Year 10

Head of Year

Mrs R Chester


10B Tutor

Mrs N Malik


10A Tutor

Miss J Bishop


10R Tutor

Miss S Nicholson


10T Tutor

Miss R Walton


10H Tutor

Miss I Ebanja


10S Tutor

Mrs R Binnington


10W Tutor

Miss R Robinson


Year 11

Head of Year

Mr C Adams


Assistant Head of Year

Mrs J Baker


11B Tutor

Mrs J Baker


11A Tutor

Mr T Watkins


11R Tutor

Mrs C Lanczak-Faulds


11T Tutor

Mr D Crowe


11H Tutor

Mrs F Winstone


11S Tutor

Miss L Hill

  11W Tutor

Miss J Harries


Year 12/13

Director of Sixth Form

Mr S Nicholson

  Head of Year 12

Mr W Clapton

  Head of Year 13

Mrs L Turner


12/13B Tutor 

Mr W Clapton / Mrs J McGuinness


12/13A Tutor

Mr S Paterson


12/13R Tutor 

Mrs L Turner / Mrs J McGuinness


12/13T Tutor

Mr T Nash


12/13H Tutor

Miss J Selfe


12/13S Tutor

Mr B Sharland


12/13W Tutor

Dr P Ingram


12/13L Tutor

Miss K Oldroyd

  12/13M Tutor

Miss C Hartley

  12/13E Tutor

Miss S Stuebing


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