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Tutors and Heads of Year 2022-23


Year 7

Head of Year

Mrs N Bexon


Deputy Head of Year

Mrs D Tame-Hill


7B Tutor

Mrs D Tame-Hill/ Ms Guy


7A Tutor

Mr J Titman


7R Tutor

Mr M John


7T Tutor

Mrs M Clements-Foster


7H Tutor

Miss C Messem


7S Tutor

Mrs R Davies


7W Tutor

Ms M Pillay-Sayers


Year 8

Head of Year

Mr J Humm


Deputy Head of Year

Mr T Dove


8B Tutor

Mrs J Furse/Mrs L Gilkes


8A Tutor

Mr J Connaughton


8R Tutor

Ms E Vallely


8T Tutor

Mr K Auterson


8H Tutor

Ms J Smerald/Mr T Dove


8S Tutor

Miss S Khalid


8W Tutor

Miss F Harcus


Year 9

Head of Year

Mr J Humm


Deputy Head of Year

Mr H Copson

9B Tutor

Mrs Baker


9A Tutor

Miss A Shao


9R Tutor

Mrs R Almgill


9T Tutor

Mr H Copson/Mrs E Christiansen


9H Tutor

Miss E Hildreth


9S Tutor

Mr S Cosier/Mrs E Christiansen


9W Tutor

Miss Walton/Miss Whatley


Year 10

Head of Year

Mrs R Chester


Deputy Head of Year

Mr J Parsons

10B Tutor

Miss Leeson


10A Tutor

Mr N Suckling


10R Tutor

Mr T Watkins


10T Tutor

Mrs R Yousaf


10H Tutor

Miss J Harries


10S Tutor

Mrs S Lambourne


10W Tutor

Mr W Keeling/Mr J Parsons


Year 11

Head of Year

Mrs R Chester


Deputy Head of Year

Mrs J Hammond


11B Tutor

Mrs J Hammond


11A Tutor

Miss K Munday


11R Tutor

Ms C Band


11T Tutor

Mr L Le Texier/Mr J Parsons


11H Tutor

Mrs F Winstone


11S Tutor

Mr M Havenhand


11W Tutor

Miss K Hughes


Year 12/13 

Director of Sixth Form                         Mrs H Von Der Osten       

Head of Year 12

Mr W Clapton               

Head of Year 13

Mrs L Turner
  12/13B Tutor 

Mr W Clapton / Mrs J McGuinness

  12/13A Tutor

Mr S Paterson

  12/13R Tutor

Mrs L Turner / Mrs H Petty

  12/13T Tutor

Mr T Nash

  12/13H Tutor

Miss J Selfe

  12/13W Tutor

Dr P Ingram

  12/13L Tutor

Miss K Oldroyd

  12/13M Tutor

Miss E Brookbanks

  12/13E Tutor

Miss S Struebing

  12/13S Tutor

Miss S Nicholson


12/13O Tutor

Mrs C Lanczak-Faulds


Mrs L McDowell/Mrs J McGuinness



A Level Examination Results Summer 2022 Press Release
Posted on: 18/08/2022

A Level Examination Results Summer 2022 Press Release

Students produce excellent A Level and Level 3 BTEC results

This year’s cohort of students have successfully overcome the disruption and resulting challenges of the pandemic years to achieve unprecedented results in their exams.

Headteacher, Craig Thomas said:

“We are delighted with the excellent A Level and BTEC examination results that Bartholomew students have achieved. These are a reflection of their fantastic commitment and the high-quality teaching they have received.  All our students should be justifiably proud of their efforts through the most challenging of times. I am extremely proud of the staff and students at Bartholomew School. It is wonderful that their hard work and commitment has been rewarded in this way.”

119 students made a total of 348 A Level entries, with the following headline figures:

  • 42.2% of grades at A*- A
  • 72.4% of grades at A*- B
  • 92.8% of grades at A*- C
  • 100%  of grades at A*- E  

8 students made a total of 12 Level 3 BTEC entries, with the following headline figures:

  • 66.6% of grades at Distinction*
  • 75.0% of grades at Distinction* - Distinction
  • 100%  of grades at Distinction* - Merit

The success at Bartholomew School includes many exceptional individual performances with 26 students achieving three or more grade A*/A results at A Level and D* at BTEC.

We are delighted that our students will now be able to move on to their next stage, whether at university, apprenticeships or other pathways.

These excellent results reflect our dedication to nurture students at all levels of ability and reward them for their positive attitudes, hard work and resilience.

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