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Governor Profiles

Jane Osbourne


Category of governor Academy appointed                                         
Term of office  31 August 2020
Committee membership and roles Behaviour, Ethos, Wellbeing and Communication, Data, Achievement and Sixth Form, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum.
Work  Retired Teacher.
Links to the school/area All of my 4 children attended Bartholomew School, during which time I was involved in the work of the PTA. I have been a governor for many years and latterly chair of the governing body.
Why did you become a governor? To support the school in providing the best possible education for the children and young people in its community.
Gavin robinson Gavin Robinson                                                                                         
Category of governor Appointed Governor
Term of office  27-Jan-15 to 26-Jan-19
Committee membership and roles

Chair of the Strategic Resources and Financial Management Committee. Member of the Data, Achievement and Sixth Form Committee.     

Chair of the Members of the Eynsham Partnership Academy. Second term as an Appointed Governor.

Work  Chartered Accountant and Corporate Treasurer by profession. Since 1991 I have worked in different roles and in different locations for a FTSE 250 listed Industrial and Electronic Components Distributor. I’m currently in the Corporate Development area.
Links to the school/area Have live in Eynsham since Easter 2009.
Why did you become a governor?  Having settled in Eynsham I wanted to be more involved in the local community. In early 2011, when I saw that Bartholomew were looking for new governors and in particular one with Finance experience I saw this as a great way to use my professional knowledge to help drive an exceptional educational experience for the young people in our community.

Michael ryan
Michael Ryan
Category of governor Elected
Term of office  Ends 24 May 2023
Committee membership and roles

Former Chair of TLC, member of TLC, DASF and SRFM Committees. Elected Director of EPA.

Work  I am now retired except for my Parish Council where I am Parish Clerk

Links to the school/area

I had two grandchildren at Bartholomew, I am involved as Business Advisor to the Young Enterprise Group.

Why did you become a governor? 

I have always had a strong involvement in my local community and with more available time offering myself as a Governor of Bartholomew was a natural progression.

Lucy dickinson photo poss Lucy Dickinson
Category of governor Director-appointed
Term of office  15.12.2014 – 14.12.2018

Committee membership  and roles

Data Achievement and Sixth Form Committee Chair and participated in the website redesign working group.
Work  Currently self-employed as a Clerk to the Governors, as well as doing freelance environmental, educational and publishing-related consultancy. Academic background in Chemistry, with several years’ experience in science publishing, and grants administration.  
Links to the school/area Live in Eynsham and have two children at the Primary School.
Why did you become a governor?  Having both a professional and personal interest in good School Governance, I joined the Bartholomew Governors in order to help support and challenge the school in providing the best possible opportunities for all students.

Gill Dixon


Category of governor Parent
Term of office  Four Years commencing 12.06.18
Committee membership and roles tbc
Work Director of Teachers To Your Home Ltd, an educational company, based in Oxfordshire, which works with 20,000 teachers, who provide high quality home tuition and home schooling across England and Wales.
Links to the school/area Work with 20,000 teachers in schools and colleges across England and Wales.
Why did you become a governor?  Previously Head of Trent College (2006 to 2014), a large independent day and boarding school in Nottinghamshire; also Governor of Witham Hall Prep School (2012 to 2104). Our family relocated to Oxfordshire in 2015 to set up our own business. I wanted to become Governor of Bartholomew School as I have a thorough understanding and appreciation of the role of a Governor, in both providing collegiate support and robust challenge for a school, to help determine its ambition. I also have broad experience of the workings of the relevant Sub-Committees, though my experience is all from the context of the Independent Sector; which can have a different dynamic. 

Craig Thomas                                                                                                                                                                

Category of governor Headmaster

Janet Hammond


Category of Governor Staff Governor 
Term of office   
Committee membership and roles BEWC
Work  I have several roles at Bartholomew School; I teach RP, coordinate the internal admissions, I am the Looked After Coordinator and work within the Alps Centre.
Links to the school/area I have lived in Eynsham for over 25 years and as such my three children all attended. I also work at Bartholomew and have done for the last 13 years.
Why did you become a governor?  I first became a Governor because I was interested in how the school was run, from a more strategic view; I also wanted to see how I could contribute, in a small way, towards an already successful school.

Shelley Bruce


Category of Governor Appointed
Term of office  12/9/17 - 11/9/21
Committee membership and roles BEWC (Chair), SRFM
Work  Retired from paid employment; Justice of the Peace.
Links to the school/area Lived in Eynsham for 43 years. All 3 of my children went to Bartholomew School.
Why did you become a governor? 

As my grandchildren were/ are approaching school age I became aware of the increasing pressures and challenges placed on our education system and having plenty of free time I wanted to contribute in any way I could to ensure that all children have a solid education to establish a firm foundation for their future lives.

Fiona Loader

Fiona Loader

Category of governor Parent Governor
Term of office  4 Years (appointed April 2019)
Committee membership and roles Strategic Resources and Financial Management Committee.
Work Chartered Accountant (UK & Australia) – partner in a major chartered accountancy firm. I am currently taking a career break to raise my young family.
Links to the school/area My parents moved to Eynsham in 1983, so I have lived here on & off since then. I moved back to live here permanently in July 2018.I have two sets of twins; my eldest two attend Bartholomew School, whilst the younger two will be joining when they complete primary school.
Why did you become a governor? 

I am keen to represent the parents at the Governor meetings and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the continual success of the school. I believe that my professional experience, along with my strong commitment to the school, would enable me to make a significant positive contribution and add value to the school governing body.

Tessa ford

Tessa Ford


Category of governor Appointed
Term of office  4 years from 10/02/2020
Committee membership and roles
Work  Mainly retired but continue to work as School Improvement Adviser to some schools in West Berkshire.
Links to the school/area I have lived in Eynsham for over 35 years and both children attended Bartholomew.
Why did you become a governor? 

I was previously a parent governor at Eynsham Primary school and enjoyed that involvement. Having recently retired from working as a School Improvement Adviser I was keen to make best use of my knowledge and skills to support the school in my community.

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