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A Winter Spectacular of Murmurating Starlings in Eynsham

Posted on: 03/02/2023

Here at Bartholomew School, along with the local community of Eynsham, we have been treated to a spectacular display these past few weeks. An estimated 23,000 starlings have delighted us with their magnificent murmurations and can be seen in full view from the school playing fields. The starlings have also attracted the attention of a preying peregrine falcon and two sparrowhawks, which have been spotted by local bird enthusiasts and posted on the Eynsham Community Facebook page.

European or common starlings, Sturnus vulgaris, live in the UK all year round but from autumn they are joined by migrating starlings from mainland Europe who spend winter in the UK and together form massive flocks. You can read more about this phenomenon on the RSPB website.

The show gets underway just before sunset and if you have chance, we thoroughly recommend you take the opportunity to watch. Meanwhile here is a short video of the murmurations this week, captured by Mr Thomas, Headteacher.




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